What a nice job Jamar Collins conducted on my heating and air systems semi annual check up. Jamar’s attention to detail and customer service was exceptional. I suggest you provide him a reward for his excellent service, maybe a WAWA gift. card.

Thank you,
Donna Spicer

Technician Jamar Collins

Just had a very pleasant experience with a very cordial young man named Jamar. He is an outstanding representative for Arctic Heating and Air Conditioning. If possible I would like to request him again in 6 months.

Semi Annual System Check

Fantastic customer service from the moment my call was answered. Service technician Philip Patey was absolutely amazing and couldn’t have been more knowledgeable or respectful.
I will definitely be calling Arctic for all of my future needs.


Daniel J.

During the 10 years of owning our home, we’ve had nonstop problems with our hvac system. The system was not sized or installed correctly when the house was built.

We had our carpets cleaned a few years after buying the house. The gentleman that came to clean the carpets was pointing out flaws in the hvac installation. Yes, the carpet guy!

Finally earlier this year one of our units completely quit on us. That’s when Artic Heating & Air stepped in. Artic Air replaced both of our heat pumps.

Prior to having Artic Air come out for a quote, we received multiple quotes from other companies. During this time, we were depressed/aggravated with the thought of having to replace a dead system that was supposed to last for much longer. When Artic Air come out and described the advantages of the new efficient variable speed systems, we became excited about the project. Their quote was much lower than any of the other companies that came out. The installers were super professional and courteous. They even wear booties when they come into the house!

If anyone out there is in need of installation/service, these guys won’t let you down.

Harry S.

We have been satisfied customers of Arctic for 20 years. They have kept our heat pump systems in top working order by very proficient and conscientious biennial maintenance. Arctic has responded quickly and competently whenever we needed quick repair service. Arctic recently installed a new heat pump, thermostat, and air purification system. The technicians did a magnificent job and explained all features of the new system in an understandable manner. The new thermostat is state-of-the art and maximizes comfort and efficiency. The salesman spent a lot of time with us to ensure we got the best system for our needs. Best of all, Arctic gave us large discounts and arranged for a sizable Lennox rebate. We have always found Arctic to do its very best to meet our needs as customers.

Justine O.C.

I am running an ice cream shop. My AC went down on a weekend. Called many companies and nobody could come and fix it. I needed to wait at least a week. Called a big AC company and they tried to rip me off $8000. Thanks God, I did my research and knew that the AC unit was just out of coolant. Instead of recharging the AC they wanted to change everything and that was an expense that we could not afford. A friend recommended Arctic Heating. My partner called them and we got an appointment the same day.
The guys ( Mark and Chad) arrived around 6pm. They were very nice and helpful, explaining clearly the options I had and what I would be charged. NO hidden fees and charges. I knew what they will do and what I will be charged. They tested the unit, fixed the leaks and charged it with new coolant and all was back to normal few hours later.
I did not know which units were mine, so they got me on the roof with them. I learned a lot of things from them about my AC system. I could tell that Mark and Chad were very knowledgeable and knew how to complete the job successfully.
They got my business and I will recommend Arctic Heating to every business owner who is looking for instant gratification when a AC unit fails and you needed fixed ASAP.

Mary S.

I am very impressed with Arctic Heating and AC in Berlin, MD. I needed to replace my old heating and AC unit and I could not have chosen better than Arctic. From the start, with our first meeting with their Sales person, he accommodated our crazy schedule, answered all of our questions, and worked with us to schedule a date for the install that worked for us. The install technicians for our April 14, 2017 installation were professional and very hard working. They put in a full day and did not leave until the job was done. There were challenges with this job and they overcame each of them. Then the office staff continued to help us with registration of the warranty and filing for REBATES! We will be continuing with Arctic for our maintenance and are very happy that we found this excellent company.

Ian H.

Over 10 years maintaining our HVAC, always great service. Recently had them install a whole house humidifier and we are very pleased with the work. A pleasure to work with such a professional company.