Energy-Efficient Geothermal and Solar Systems in Berlin, MD

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Energy-Efficient Geothermal and Solar Systems in Berlin, Ocean City, MD, Bethany Beach, DE, and Surrounding Areas

If you could save more money on your heating and cooling bill and help the environment, how could you say no? You are environmentally conscious, and so are we. We are now installing heating and cooling systems that allow you to make your home even greener and put green in your pocket. Contact Arctic Heating & Air Conditioning for energy-efficient geothermal and solar systems in Berlin, Ocean City, MD, Bethany Beach, DE, and surrounding areas.

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Energy-Efficient Geothermal and Solar Systems in Berlin, MD

  • Geothermal
  • Solar
  • Inverter technology

Use Geothermal Heat Pumps and Save Money

Artic heating & Air ConditioningIf you’re a homeowner who desires to save money on your monthly utility bill when heating and cooling your home, you may want to consider a geothermal heat pump. Geothermal systems use the temperature of the ground to produce heating and cooling effects in your home.

Since the temperature within the ground tends to remain constant, rather than fluctuating like the temperature above ground, your home will remain consistently comfortable during the winter and summer months. Arctic Heating & Air Conditioning strives to meet the needs of all homeowners in the Rehoboth Beach, DE area for green energy options.

How Inverter Technology Can Help You Save Money

Artic heating & Air ConditioningA heat pump or air conditioner with Inverter technology delivers all the benefits of a standard heat pump or air conditioner but with enhanced performance and efficiency. Systems with Inverter Technology Compressors offer the most comfortable and efficient systems on the market.

The Inverter technology can also help reduce operating noise and extend the life of the compressor. Inverters work at lower outside temperatures than traditional fixed systems providing warmth even on the coldest winter months.

The amount you will save by installing an Inverter system will vary based on a few conditions. Your thermostat setting and local utility rates are the two biggest factors that affect savings. With electric home air-conditioning systems and heating units, you consistently fiddle with the thermostat to get the right temperature.

With an Inverter unit, you may be able to keep your thermostat set a bit higher in the summer and a bit lower in the winter. This is usually because the system is designed to run longer to help balance hot and cold spots in the home.

Longer run times allow the system to filter your air for better indoor air quality. Longer run times also allow the system to dehumidify better in the hot humid months. Inverter technology provides all of these great benefits while still decreasing your monthly utility costs.

Investment and Benefits of a Solar Ready System

Artic heating & Air ConditioningHVAC contractors frequently see people pull away from investing in a Solar Ready unit because the initial investment is much higher than a traditional HVAC unit. However, it’s been proven that these systems will cost you less in the long run by drastically reducing your monthly utility bill.

Not only do you get virtually FREE heating and Cooling, but when the system is not needed and turned off or idle, the solar panels back feed to power commonly used household items like lights and other appliances. You get all these great benefits from Solar Ready Systems and get to help make a greener earth by reducing your carbon footprint.

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