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Daniel J.

Daniel J.

During the 10 years of owning our home, we’ve had nonstop problems with our hvac system. The system was not sized or installed correctly when the house was built.

We had our carpets cleaned a few years after buying the house. The gentleman that came to clean the carpets was pointing out flaws in the hvac installation. Yes, the carpet guy!

Finally earlier this year one of our units completely quit on us. That’s when Artic Heating & Air stepped in. Artic Air replaced both of our heat pumps.

Prior to having Artic Air come out for a quote, we received multiple quotes from other companies. During this time, we were depressed/aggravated with the thought of having to replace a dead system that was supposed to last for much longer. When Artic Air come out and described the advantages of the new efficient variable speed systems, we became excited about the project. Their quote was much lower than any of the other companies that came out. The installers were super professional and courteous. They even wear booties when they come into the house!

If anyone out there is in need of installation/service, these guys won’t let you down.